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Who doesn't want to do anything? I do! I do!


yay fun

Ok, I called my mommy today. She says I'm spending too much soo I must stop (if I can). Most of the stuff I buy is pretty reasonable, usually. Its just that living is spensive and I tend to miss SCAD food times.

Thirdly, I think me and my mommy are planning on me flying home to Dallas at the end of the school year and plan on buying the car there. Its a much cheaper plan, I think.




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Well, some reason my sister is digging into my past. I've had this journal for two years and she's been snooping on it. I'm going to get a new name now because she's been reading it. Today my mom mentioned something that I did in October which means she must sit around and read my livejournal all day. So, I'm going to change it.


You wanna know why I'm excited?

Here is why I'm excited with life:

1. I am going home wednesday night! weeeeee.
2. Today is thursday, which means I can sleep in tomorrow.
3. They are finally settling on what happenedt to my car. I GET money for it and I get to go buy a car!
4. My brother is going to come here, to Savannah, to help me buy a car!
5. My favorite people from highschool are moving 3 and half hours away from me. (thats not bad considering thats about how much I use to drive a day to get to highschool).
6. School is almost over!
7. My brother's wife is going to have a baby girl and they want me to paint a mural in their nursery! (I am thinking Peter Pan of course!)

Well, I think thats it. I'm not entirely certain. But, Its a good ol time here in Savannah.


I ramble ramble.

WWWWWWWWEEEEEEE!!!!! who does not love life on a daily basis? I mean some days I don't but I mean on the usual part I love life.. AND LOVE IT ALL I SHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i shall sleep tonight....

Good day... Good night.. Good dreams...

oh the horror

The boredom.......

My heritage yo

I asked my mother what my heritage is really cause I look soo different compared to like everyone. And I was wandering hell why?

SO here's what my mommy said:

Dear Mandy:


Your Dad's family is Swedish and German


Your Mom's family is English, French, Black Dutch and  little German (I think)


Family names:

Jones, Tarver, Parsons, Hopper & Shnault (my side) mostly English

Carlson & Mertz ( your Dad's) I know your Dad's is all German and Swedish


Love you,



i don't understand.

I may need a male perspective on this but its wierd. One of my friends from home, whom I use to hang out with. Doesn't want to see me. We love to talk online together and everything. He has a girlfriend at home and I think he's worried about her getting jealous but I don't know nad he doesn't know.

I told him I'm coming home and i'd like to say hi and stuff. He's like, " Oh, I'm feeling wierd again." (This happened before) It was a miniature fight. He wouldn't tell me he cared about me as a friend.

i mean we had a lot of past stuff go on. Like I liked him once, he liked me once, my best friend liked him once, he almost liked her. I don't understand!! It really hurts my feelings that he doesnt want to see me. But I understand to a point, he's just afraid of "something'. I dunno.


late assignment

BOTHER I really wanted 3 A's this quarter now 1 A is definately not possible. The teacher did not tell us the paper was due so I turn it in.. No she doesn't accept late papers. So I lose ten percent of my grade. YAY! bother. I mean yah, It means i have a B but still.. I cry..

That Means I have to kick butt in my other two classes which I know I can. The teacher is really careless about our assignemts.